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New Computer Arts tutorial
June 11, 2009, 1:08 pm
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Check out our new tutorial in Computer Arts 163 (July 2006)…

Old-school is great. As much as we all like the delicate fine tuning possibilities on offer in the software packages of late, it doesn’t come close to the thrill of taking a craft knife firmly in hand and cutting through a piece of wood! Hurray! We’re alive! Yes, the idea of setting off on a journey of cutting, constructing and building is surely enough to get any creative heart beating to the rhythm of scissor snips and 8bit gaming music. There truly is nothing like scissors, glue, wood and paper to get you going on a Tuesday morning. That being said… After a few hours gluing fingers together, trying to make stuff balance correctly and dabbing up blood stains from cutting accidents, its great to be able to look back at your Mac and boldly say: “Enough! – This is a job for Photoshop!”. Aren’t we lucky? Having all these fun things at our disposal? Enjoy.



Creativepool Article
June 9, 2009, 8:19 am
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We just wrote an article for, so if you are one for reading stuff, head over to our little online article entitled Toys of the Trade.

The article includes cool words like “plug-ins”, “strap-ons”,”zealot” and “and” – And contains a nice picture of Homer Simpsom.